Who are we?

GPMS, Global Project Management Services, is a dynamic
and fast growing IT service provider, located in Brasschaat,

GPMS's main goal is to provide reliable and effective
solutions to its customers, out of which real business profits
can derive. We take advantage of the solutions and
capabilities that modem technology affords, by applying
them to the particular needs and diversity of each of our

GPMS offers integrated IT solutions either on its own and/or
by working together with a number of qualified partners.
GPMS provides quality services, in the sectors of
consulting, project management, system integration,
support, training, etc.

Dedicated Project Managers and Software Engineers, with
in-depth experience and know-how in software design and
development guarantee the continuity in the provision of
services to the clients. GPMS is familiar with international
and multicultural environment, with proven on-the-job
experience, acquired through projects undertaken in
Europe, USA, Japan, Thailand, and the Middle East.

GPMS insists on working together with the client's IT
resources, if any, so as to provide the most efficient and
cost effective solutions. We strive to assist our client’s
internal IT staff to gain the necessary knowledge and
experience during the implementation stages, so as to
enable them to take-over the post-implementation support
upon completion of the project. Needless to say, that we are
always committed to intervene and offer our expertise,
whenever required.

Services are delivered on a full-time or on a part-time basis,
with full acceptance of (line) responsibility and accountability
for a problem until it is resolved.
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